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Your wedding day is a day celebrating the greatest gift we are able to receive and able to give - love, and it deserves to be captured and treasured.  This day will go by faster than the blink of an eye which is why it NEEDS to be captured on camera - so that you and your loved ones can go back and look through these treasured moments for years to come and to one day be passed on as the stories of your sacred love are told and passed on generation to generation. 

I don't just want to be a photographer you hire.  I want you to be 100% confident that I am your gal to capture your day.  This day can already be stressful enough, and it's my mission to not only be your photographer but be by your side all day to make you feel confident and beautiful, I will go grab something or someone you need, I will pick up your train, fix a pin that is falling out of your hair, give you a tissue when the tears begin to fall, and be a friend you can count on that day!

Your wedding should be and is as unique as you are and there for your package should be as well! My prices start at $3,100, but contact me to chat about your day, tell me what you want, get a quote, and so on and so on!

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